My Visual Listings

MVL Offers a URL link which gives you many options on how you want to display your listing. You can manipulate the tour to your liking. You will have a members area where you will be given a username and password, Once you sign in you will have many options. Create your profile with customized branding, logo, brokerage, profile picture, your name, have a secondary profile, themes, music, colour of your theme. You have the ability to organize the picture order to your liking, you can arrange, add, delete photos, videos or add a custom videos. You can have all your services on ONE link. Example, (iGuide, Aerial Video, Custom Video Walk-Through, Floor plans). Manage open houses and create your own feature sheets. Social Media, you have the ability to share by clicking on the share button to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Every tour is good for 1 year.